Handmade trumpets from a Swiss quality workshop, Swiss made

Sound, response and design beyond compare

The fabrication of a trumpet requires meticulous handcraft. Various of the 130 small components are manually reworked. During a complex process the original straight bell is bent in the right shape. Every piping component on the instrument is sanded, in order to guarantee an immaculate surface.

The valves of a trumpet are the most sensitive area in the built of wind instruments and require very high precision. The valves get the necessary lightness and accuracy through the final honing (sanding to improve measure and form accuracy as well as surface treatment). The valves for all Spiri Vario trumpets are fabricated in our manufactory in Winterthur.

At the end an engraving gives the instrument its uniqueness: all Spiri trumpets receive an own number.

Choice of sound and design

Spiri's Vario Trumpet is the only of its kind in the world.
An extensive range of leadpipes, tuning slides and bells offers every possible combination with the perinet valves. The threaded plug connections are high-precision and easy to handle. The instrument can therefore be individually assembled to fit any sound desired. The player chooses sound and design specifications from a range of materials, elements, and finishes. Gold plating gives the trumpet a fuller and mellower sound than a lacquered one would. Each combination of wall thickness and bore affects the stability of the sound differently. For a unique design choice, the finger buttons can be inlaid with mother-of-pearl or semi-precious gems of various colours.

The star: the daCarbo Trumpet

A new material complements the traditional materials for trumpets: carbon. Werner Spiri, together with Dr. Andreas Keller, material scientist, develops the first trumpet worldwide made of this modern material. It is called daCarbo. Carbon suppresses the energy-consuming wall vibrations in wind instruments. This enables a fine responsiveness and a large freedom of articulation and generates a warm, full tone. Leadpipe, tuning slides and bell can be selected individually. “Vario” players have the opportunity to expand the spectrum of their instrument at a low cost.

Fulfils your desire for an individual tone

Mouthpieces for trumpets are a very individual matter: rim diameter cup volume and many other parameters have to be adjusted to lip strength, practise and technique – and of course also to the desired tone. In our trumpet manufactory we fabricate custom products as well as own developments, such as the Spiri mouthpiece. The unique mouthpiece in different variations enables a large sound volume and is easy to play at the same time. Discover the mouthpiece that perfectly suits you in our store!