The Spiri Vario-system

Choice of sound and design

Spiri's Vario Trumpet is the only of its kind in the world.
An extensive range of leadpipes, tuning slides and bells offers every possible combination with the perinet valves. The threaded plug connections are high-precision and easy to handle. The instrument can therefore be individually assembled to fit any sound desired. The player chooses sound and
design specifications from a range of materials, elements, and finishes. Gold plating gives the trumpet a fuller and mellower sound than a lacquered one would. Each combination of wall thickness and bore affects the stability of the sound differently. For a unique design choice, the finger buttons can be inlaid with mother-of-pearl or semi-precious gems of various colours.
«I've played Spiri trumpets for 15 years now. The response and intonation of these instruments is unique. The valves are made with the height of precision; they give every note great clarity, even in the fast passages. Their response is quick and light through the entire dynamics spectrum. I can alter my sound in every conceivable way, which is a great help in my work as a lead trumpet player

Stephan Geiser, Dozent Swiss Jazz School, lead trumpet for the Swiss Jazz Orchestra and the band Funky Brotherhood

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